Magnetic Detachable Italian Leather Case For iPhone

Device : iPhone X

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$59.99 $34.99

 Over 25,000+ Satisfied Customers

 Handcrafted from Genuine Italian Leather

 2-in-1 Design: Wallet & Detachable Snap-on Cover

 Magnetic Clasp Securely Keeps Your Contents Safe

 Easily Access All Ports & Camera

 4 Card/ID Slots + Hidden Money Pocket

 Ultra Luxurious Look & Feel (Soft to the Touch)

Perfect for those on the go, this extremely functional and fantastic looking case offers complete protection for your iPhone 6+. Great quality Italian leather, professional stitching, and enough room to hold 3 cards and drivers license, plus an additional money pocket. Highly recommend by over 25,000 satisfied customers.

If you don’t like carrying a lot in your pockets, the Wally Leather Wallet Case is for you—it’s designed to carry your iPhone along with a couple of bare essentials like your bank card, ID and cash. It’s slim, functional and beautiful.



The Leather Wallet Case is slim and light—it won’t add much bulk to your iPhone. Its thickness and feel make it very comfortable to carry and hold in your hand. The leather adds a natural grip, which is a plus considering the iPhone is a slippery phone. As you first handle the Wally Case, you’ll immediate feel the quality of the leather.



It has large cutouts on the sides where buttons, the charging port, and speakers are located. The camera cutout in the back does not obstruct the camera, and the Snap-On case magnetically separates from the wallet for ease of use.



At first the card pockets are a bit tight, but with time and use the leather will stretch and make it easier to put cards in and take them out. The case is designed to fit 3 credit cards + ID, and some extra cash in the hidden pocket.



After using this case for several weeks, it will form a beautiful, natural patina, which is something you will love and appreciate!



There are lots of leather iPhone cases out there, but there is also a large variance in quality & functionality. Wally Case is at the upper end of that field, which combines visual appeal, functional design and only the highest quality Italian leather.



Weight N/A

iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7/8 Plus


Aged Brown, Vintage Black

62 reviews for Magnetic Detachable Italian Leather Case For iPhone

  • It feels just as premium as the phone, if you want full protection with no screen protector this is the way to go!

  • High quality leather and classy, fair price. I’m happy with my purchase.

  • This is my 2nd Wally leather case. I will never buy another type of case. It protects, looks great and fits perfectly.

  • Beautiful case! Good quality leather

  • This is a well crafted genuine leather case. I like that it is relatively thin for a flip over case, yet it protects both front and back and feels really good in the hand.

  • One of the best quality leather cases out there. Fit like a glove. Premium materials.

  • Good quality case for the price. Nice color and I love the magnetic feature.

  • The magnet system works very well: I can effortlessly remove my phone from the folio and it charges fine with my wireless charger.

  • Even better than I thought it would be!!!

  • My credit cards and ID stay in place, but it is easy to remove them.

  • It looks professional and very functional. The magnate is strong enough that you want be worried about your phone coming loose unintentionally.

  • I have had it for over one month and have been very pleased so far.

  • Detachable bumper case is great way to carry just the phone but I wrap the wallet around it when I go out.

  • The phone attaches to the wallet with a very powerful magnet and I’ve tried to shake it off but it’s solidly attached

  • Awesome phone case made with genuine leather and amazing design. Very nice quality and well made and perfect design.

  • I really like the feel of the material and the ability to detach the phone from the wallet works without any downsides.

  • Fits the phone perfectly. Cards & money stay secure. It has a magnetic closure, very subtle but works great.

  • The best thing I like about this case is being able to take it out of the wallet and stick in on any metal surfaces.

  • I love that it is detachable.

  • Well designed with a great sleek look providing everything I need.

  • I have had this for a few days now, and it is great. I no longer need to carry my wallet around with me as it fits my credit cards, ID, and some cash.

  • Can be carried in both rough conditions and looks equally good on the conference room in the board room.

  • Aesthetically designed, very functional and keeps the iPhone very protected.

  • This is a nice wallet case with full coverage. Leather feel is good.

  • Supper convenient for going out and only having to take one item in your pocket.

  • You can carry three cards in it and very little cash or anything extra because the magnets will not close

  • I like that I can detached the phone from the case. Highly recommend this product.

  • Excellent fit, quality leather. Great protection!

  • The phone fits perfect, magnet closes well, and love the detachable feature of the phone from the case.

  • I have dropped my phone several times with no damage.

  • This is a great case. It is soft and smooth. It does add to the size of the phone quite a bit but I really like it.

  • I just wanted something classier and sophisticated… and this is what I was looking for!

  • Genuine leather and I can see this case lasting a long time. Very nicely made

  • Exactly what I was looking for.

  • I have had this case for almost 9 months now. I love this case.

  • The leather is durable and stain resistant.

  • Kept everything I needed while going out.

  • Really like the magnetic feature where I can remove the phone from the case.

  • Adds mere millimeters to the outside dimensions. Gives this large-handed male a secure grip on my phone.

  • I like being able to remove the wallet portion of the case to easily mount the phone on a magnetic windshield mount.

  • The case is easy to open one handed and folds back nicely.

  • I’ve had a number of these and they were always cheap. This time I spent a little more and boy is it worth it. Well made.

  • The quality is very good, the removable case is also very good quality.

  • Wireless charging seems to work just fine.

  • The magnet holds the phone quite sturdy. The leather used is pretty soft.

  • I love that you can take the phone out too if you don’t want to have both in your pocket.

  • I love how the phone case of the magnet is so strong and it realigns back properly.

  • Love the fact that the external wallet part of the case is magnetically attach/detachable.

  • This case holds my phone, two credit cards, my driver’s license, and a few dollars without a problem.

  • This is one of the most well-made cases I’ve used. Everything feels solid, unlike some other brands where edges are frayed and the thing falls apart after a few days.

  • I was able to insert my drivers license and 3 credit cards in the slots available as well as slip in a few $20 bill into the extra pocket.

  • Liked it so much bought my husband one as well!

  • Fits well. Looks great. The magnets do not interfere with the camera.

  • The case and wallet are nice material – I do wish it would hold a couple more cards, but I understand that might make it buikier than most people would want it.

  • I have not experienced any problems with the phone coming out of the case, the magnet is very strong.

  • Very useful for a person like me who uses public commute a lot. Wallet and phone in one piece.

  • This is the best iPhone case that I’ve owned among many.

  • Leather is nicely stitched and the colour is rich.

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